Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Voice

My experience..

Earlier this year in March, I decided to head to Atlanta, GA with my mom an aunt to audition for Season 3 of The Voice! After a few hours of standing in line, I was escorted in to a room with 10 other contestants. We were all very nervous and trying to impress the one producer in our room! I went first and was asked to sing. I had to sing both of the songs i had prepared for the audition.."Something to talk about" - Bonnie Raitt and "Ain't no Sunshine" - Bill Withers.  When i was done singing i had to sit and watch all 9 other contestants audition (all very good)! We were done and i was asked to stay :)!! I was the only person in my room to make it through! Running out, i met with my mom and aunt and it was time to celebrate!!!! WooHoo made it through the first round!

Well we couldn't celebrate too long, because soon after, i had to get 3 songs, with music prepared for my second audition! That would also be in Atlanta, 2 DAYS LATER!! Ahh so nervous! We went back to the hotel, I decided which songs I wanted to do. Now it was time for some shopping for a cute outfit to wear! Duh :) The night before the audition i could hardly sleep. I wanted this so bad! Got up, ate a good breakfast, and i had to be there at 12:30 for my audition! I waited for about an hour after i signed in... Now it was my turn. Walk into a room with 5 or 6 producers in there including a video camera that you were supposed to sing to, like it was your audience! Music came on for my first song "son of a preacher man" -Dusty Sprinfield. They loved it, so they wanted to hear another! "Rehab"-Amy Winehouse. And then another "Sittin on the dock of the bay" -Ottis Redding! I was done and they loved it! i got sent on to now fill out a bunch of paper work and do an on camera interview about my life! I had finished... i was headed back to Greensboro. Now it was time to wait, wait for a phone call to see if i had made to to the next round, which would be in LA! They told me if i did not receive a call by May 12th, that means i had not made it! Whew that was a LOOOOONG 2 months!

MAY 1ST...I GOT A PHONE CALL!!! You have made to audition for the executive producers in Los Angelos, CA!!  HOLY MOLY i did not know what to think!  I had to fly out the next weekend, all expenses paid! i would be out there for a week! I flew out, nervous but so excited to make new friends and see what this journey was all about! The plane landed ad i went to find where i was getting picked up! There were about 10 other people also arriving at the same time! Who knew they would now some of my best friends ever! We head to the hotel we are staying at and get our schedule! The audition is at the end of the week, meanwhile we wait, do a lot of paper work and then get to know each other! Laying out by the pool, working out, eating great food, and having cold beverages. We all talked and tried figuring out how we could get through this next round.  The day came where we had to audition if front of the executive producers and try and prove to them that we were good enough to be on the show! I had 3 songs prepared. They told me to sing my strongest song first! "Son of a preacher man" it was. I walked in the room, it was very dark. The producers you could barely see but they were just lounging around on couches. All lights on you! I started singing... i got through a verse and a chorus and they cut me off. "ok, Jessica that is all we need from you". WHATT ha and i walked out. I leave the next day, saying goodbye to all my new friends and wishing them luck. Did i make it or not??? Now its time to wait again....

I've been home for a day... no phone call. I go out to dinner the next night, i need a drink! lol  9:00 i get a phone call... its either going to be a yes or a no!  Sick to my stomach, i answer the phone... "you have made it to the BLIND AUDITION!! with Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, and Adam Levine!" YAY!! YAY!!

That weekend i head back out to LA! With all of my friends who also made it! :) We were going to be out there for 3 1/2 weeks! AHHH. So the auditions were not until the last 5 days of the trip. Ha so what to do before then?.... try and relax and keep as busy as you can, even though you cant leave the hotel!! lol. We practiced, and I had the opportunity to work with an amazing voice coach, who has also worked with Carrie, Mrs. Deborah Byrd. I had band rehearsal with one of the most amazing bands i have ever heard. I tried to stay out of the sun, because the producers said that tanning to much could make you look orange on T.V. so i read the series of 50 shades of grey! i am NOT a reader! It was now time to go to stage rehearsal... at the REAL STAGE! it was beautiful, so surreal! i got up there and stood behind the chairs on stage, and i had 3 times to sing my song! Killed it. It went great! Could not wait for actual day!

THE DAY HAS COME....drum roll please!!! I got ready, HAIR, Makeup and wardrobe! Done... wait, wait, wait! ahh i was the second to last person to preform that day, so i didn't actually get on stage until about 8:30pm. I was a nervous wreck all day! my stomach was so upset, i had never felt like this before. Before i went on, thank goodness my vocal coach was there, she helped me calm down (a tiny bit) Just breathe, just breathe! The door opens and i walk onto the stage, its so quiet. The music starts...i didn't even know if anything was going to come out of my mouth! but IT DID! lol i tried to hold back the nerves and then the song was finally over! WHEW, but so SAD, no chairs were turned around! but the coaches had nothing but nice things to say, i could not hold back the tears. Thanks to a sweet hug from Christina, i felt a little better! Now was time to walk out the door and head home :( i was so ready to go home and just relax....

What an amazing experience, i have now been on National Television. I am so happy that the world got to see my talent! Although i was very upset, it did nothing but excite me and drive me to do more! i now know i am good enough. I was there with some of the most talented people in the world. 140 people out of thousands and thousands of people who tried out! THANK YOU TO THE VOICE SEASON 3 FOR GIVING ME THIS OPPORTUNITY, IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!

Jaxon Jill

Jaxon jill is still going strong! I love these guys, they are like my second family! :)

its been a year...

It's been almost a year since i have posted on my blog! There has been so many great things that have happened since i talked to you last!